Allegheny County Pardons

Allegheny County, PA Pardons

What to do after a PICS Denial or Undetermined Status in Allegheny County

After a PICS Denial or Undetermined Status, it is very important to contact a firearms attorney as soon as possible. This is because there are very strict deadlines in place, and neither the dealer nor the Sheriff will be able to inform you of the reason for denial. DO NOT TRY TO CONTACT THE POLICE TO FIND OUT WHY, BECAUSE ANYTHING YOU SAY CAN BE USED AGAINST YOU IN CRIMINAL COURT. Make sure to keep good notes about the date and location of the denial and the name of the dealer or Sheriff’s Office. If you are denied a License to Carry Firearms (concealed carry license) due to a PICS Denial or Undetermined Status, the Sheriff must send written notice of the denial by certified mail. Make sure you do not lose that letter. You only have 30 days after a PICS denial or undetermined status to file a PICS Challenge. If you don’t file your PICS Challenge within 30 days, you cannot have it overturned. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you do not try to file a PICS Challenge unless you are absolutely certain that you are not prohibited from possessing firearms and are willing to face a felony and jail time if you are wrong. When you file the challenge, you will once again certify that the information you provide is subject to the penalty of a felony of the third degree and a misdemeanor of the third degree. Many people try to purchase a firearm and have no idea that something in their past makes them prohibited. An experienced firearms attorney will be able to ask you the right questions, gather the necessary documents and information and determine whether you are even eligible to own and possess firearms (or get a License to Carry Firearms) before submitting a PICS Challenge on your behalf. Because there is a 30-day deadline, it is very important to act fast, because 30 days is a very short amount of time to conduct the necessary investigation.

What to do after a PICS Denial or Undetermined Status in Allegheny County

Firearms Eligibility Investigations in Allegheny County

Learn more about Firearms Eligibility

Can I get an expungement in Allegheny County

Can I get an expungement in Allegheny County, PA

There are only three reasons you can expunge a conviction for a misdemeanor or felony in Pennsylvania. First is if you are 70 years of age or older and free of arrest or prosecution for ten years. Second is you have been dead for 3 years. Third is if you have been granted a Governor’s Pardon (executive clemency). Most people who are seeking to expunge their criminal convictions are not 70 years of age, and nobody seeking expungement has been dead for three years. Most people who want to expunge their criminal convictions in Pennsylvania need a Pardon.

Allegheny County PICS Denials

What to do when a PICS check gets denied

Can I legally own a Gun in Pennsylvania?

Can I legally own a Gun in Pennsylvania?

You have decided you want to be a gun owner. But there are many reasons why people can’t legally own a gun in Pennsylvania. Many crimes that are not violent, and are not felonies, can still prohibit you from possessing firearms. You can’t legally own a gun in Pennsylvania if you have certain misdemeanor convictions. People who were hospitalized for mental health treatment for a 302, or involuntary committed for a 303 or 304 in Pennsylvania can’t legally own or possess guns. Even if your criminal case or mental health treatment happened when you were a juvenile (when you were a minor, or under 18) it could still prevent you from legally owning a gun. There are many more reasons why a person can’t legally own a gun in Pennsylvania. If a person is caught possessing a firearm in any manner when they are legally prohibited, they could face severe penalties, including a lengthy prison sentence.

Pardons in Allegheny County

Allegheny County Pardons, PICS Denials, and Firearms Eligibility Investigations

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