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Have you been arrested for or charged with a federal crime?

Have you received a letter from a United States Attorney that you are the subject or target of a grand jury investigation?

if so, your job, reputation, finances, life and freedom are at stake. The penalties associated with a federal conviction are life-changing. Effectively representing you against federal charges takes the expertise of a skilled, trial-tested lawyer.

What you have to understand is once you are charged with or are notified you may be facing federal criminal charges, federal law enforcement has been gathering evidence and building a case against you for some time. Federal cases are not spur of the moment, they are well thought out prosecutions and by the time you’re aware of them hundreds of man hours have been spent investigating and building the case. These cases are an up-hill battle from the start. 

Thinking quickly, obtaining all the facts, and working swiftly to build a robust defense strategy are all keys to success in a federal criminal case.  Time is of the essence to obtain top-quality representation. 

When you retain us, we use all our resources—including authoritative experts, from forensics specialists to accountants—in your defense. We have on staff a private investigator who can get to work right now to do our own independent investigation, track down and interview witnesses, and find evidence the feds have missed. We prepare each case as though it will go to trial and will never advise our clients to accept plea bargains that aren’t in their very best interests. 

Federal Defense Lawyer PA

Our experience in federal defense ranges from those charged with homicide, attempted homicide, drug possession and distribution, fraud offense, violent crime, sex crimes, firearms offenses, and beyond. We are committed to providing the highest quality legal representation fighting every step of the way to achieve the best possible outcome.

All of our clients get the same level of personal attention and commitment, and we don’t quit until we have done everything we can for the best possible result.

If you are facing federal charges, we want to hear from you and we want to represent you. Fill out the form below or call us today so we can get started.

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