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There are Many Good Reasons to Apply for a Carnegie Pardon in Pennsylvania

There are Many Good Reasons to Apply for a Carnegie Pardon in Pennsylvania

The overwhelming majority of people contact us at The Gun Law Firm with the intention of restoring their firearms rights. But through the course of the process most people realize there are many other reasons they want a Pardon. Some of these include your reputation, your career, and your rights.

When someone calls our office who has a Carnegie, PA conviction on their record, I don’t think of these people as “criminals.” These are hard-working, successful individuals who care about their family, but happen to have been convicted of a crime at some point in their life. These people are generally law-abiding, except for an isolated period in their life. With the internet, it is very easy to look up a person’s criminal history. Most people don’t want that information readily accessible to their co-workers and clients, because it doesn’t represent the person they are today. That’s why protecting your reputation is an excellent reason to apply for a pardon in Pennsylvania.

Convictions can also seriously limit your ability to advance your career. It may become difficult or even impossible to obtain certain licenses, certifications or clearances with a conviction on your record. Even individuals who own a business and have no “employer” can run into this problem. If you are self-employed, you can also lose business if your clients and customers see your convictions online. The people who call my office are typically motivated individuals who want to achieve their full potential. Advancing your career is not solely about personal satisfaction, it helps you better provide for your loved ones who depend on you. That is why many of my clients view a pardon as an investment rather than a cost. They want to get a better job or grow their business. If you are serious about achieving your goals and providing for your family, that is an excellent reason to apply for a pardon in Pennsylvania.

Many people don’t realize that a conviction can impact rights other than firearms. Your right to hold public office, your right to serve on a jury, and your right to vote could all be forfeited through a conviction. As Americans, we value these rights tremendously. Our ability to do our part in protecting our Constitutional Republic lessens dramatically if we are unable to participate in the political process or our judicial system. If you value your rights and value our country, restoring those rights is another great reason to apply for a pardon in Pennsylvania.

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Can I buy a gun without a Carnegie, PA background check in Pennsylvania?

Can I buy a gun without a Carnegie, PA background check in Pennsylvania?

If you might be prohibited from possessing firearms and can’t legally own a gun, it doesn’t matter whether you can buy a gun without a background check in Pennsylvania. Possessing a firearm would be illegal and can result in significant jail time. That being said, almost all firearms transfers in Pennsylvania require a background check through the Pennsylvania Instant Check System (PICS). Under federal law, when you buy a gun from a dealer, you must fill out a Form 4473 and submit to a background check. It doesn’t matter if you are buying the gun at the store itself or at a gun show. Under Pennsylvania law, most handgun transfers between private parties must go through a dealer or the Sheriff’s office, and require the appropriate paperwork (Form 4473 and SP 4-113) and a PICS Check. There are very limited exceptions for handgun transfers between parent/child, grandparent/grandchild, and between spouses, provided both parties are Pennsylvania residents. Handgun transfers between residents of different states must take place through a dealer in the recipient’s home state under federal law. Transfers of conventional long guns (non-NFA shotguns and rifles) can take place between legally eligible Pennsylvania residents without any paperwork or a PICS Check, though many people opt to still perform these transfers through a dealer to have proof of the transfer. If the parties do not both reside in Pennsylvania, the transfer of conventional long guns (non-NFA shotguns and rifles) MUST take place through a dealer under federal law. Even in the specific circumstances where the law does not require a background check, the transfer would result in a crime if the recipient can’t legally own a gun.

Can I legally own a Gun in Pennsylvania?

Can I legally own a Gun in Pennsylvania?

You have decided you want to be a gun owner. But there are many reasons why people can’t legally own a gun in Pennsylvania. Many crimes that are not violent, and are not felonies, can still prohibit you from possessing firearms. You can’t legally own a gun in Pennsylvania if you have certain misdemeanor convictions. People who were hospitalized for mental health treatment for a 302, or involuntary committed for a 303 or 304 in Pennsylvania can’t legally own or possess guns. Even if your criminal case or mental health treatment happened when you were a juvenile (when you were a minor, or under 18) it could still prevent you from legally owning a gun. There are many more reasons why a person can’t legally own a gun in Pennsylvania. If a person is caught possessing a firearm in any manner when they are legally prohibited, they could face severe penalties, including a lengthy prison sentence.

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