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When I felt my 2nd Amendment rights were being undermined, I immediately began to research the top attorneys for the case. My research led me to Michael Giaramita. He is the best choice for any who wants an attorney with integrity and passion for getting results! He fought vigorously to defend my rights and the matter was resolved in a matter of weeks. Top law firm material.


your best chance of a favorable outcome

I can highly recommend Mr. Giaramita for 2A issues. Top notch understanding of firearms law and the entire legal system, appropriate recommendations for expert testimony, thorough prep for his client, and a very professional representation during the actual court proceedings. It was clear from the outset that he knew his stuff, and also clear from his interactions with court staff, the judge, and opposing counsel that he is held in very high regard for his competence and comportment. While “your results may vary” based on your particulars, your best chance of a favorable outcome in a firearms related matter is with Giaramita.

Michael Moyer

I am Proud To Call Mike G. My Attorney

I have been a Pennsylvania Constable for over 25 years. I met Mike Giaramita on December 6, 2013 at a US Law Shield Seminar in Harrisburg PA. Mike G. , as I will refer to him, was was teaching class on the Second Amendment and Justified Use of Deadly Force and how it applies to Pennsylvania firearms law. I was so impressed not only with Mike’s knowledge of the law, but how he presented it to the audience. I was also aware of the law suit Mike G. filed against the city of Harrisburg and explained to him my passion for the protection of our 2nd Amendment rights. I asked how I could get involved in the law suit, and was glad to become a plaintiff. Throughout that lawsuit, I was pleased to see Mike win battle after battle against the City on my behalf. I have witnessed Mike on many occasions address various groups on many topics regarding Criminal law, Criminal procedure and firearms law. I am proud to say that Mike is my Attorney.

John Bruno

Highly recommend

Mr. Giaramita helped me with a challenging motor vehicle matter. The result he obtained far exceeded what the other two attorneys I had consulted even deemed as being “within reason.” His confidence, knowledge and charisma made my legal matter virtually disappear. As much as I love Pennsylvania and the freedoms we have here, I would not have expected an attorney like this outside of a very expensive Manhattan law firm. VERY IMPRESSIVE!



You simply can not beat Michael Giaramita when it comes to gun law! Mike is exceptionally professional and EXTREMELY knowledgeable. He is also very quick to respond and easy to communicate with . . . I simply could not ask for better service, and will most certainly be using Giaramita law in the future should I require legal services.


a dedicated advocate for the people

Mike is a dedicated advocate for the people! He makes it easy to discuss your situation and come away feeling secure knowing you have someone who knows how to defend you and use the laws for your benefit. The Giaramita law firm and Mike are responsive, willing to answer your questions throughout your case. I highly recommend his service. He has written an outstanding book which every gun owner should read.

Richard Roth

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