Appeals in Federal Court and in Pennsylvania are a minefield of rules and procedures with small errors having the potential to dismiss cases even before they’ve been heard. Having the right attorney is critical – you only get one shot.

We want to help you navigate the difficult appeals process and we understand the stress and emotion surrounding a conviction.

You have just lost your case. You can’t believe it. Now, there are tons of questions swirling in your head like:

  • What happens after a conviction?
  • What happens after a conviction?
  • When should I hire an appellate attorney?
  • Do I have the right to appeal?
  • What can I appeal?
  • When can I appeal?
  • Where do I appeal?
  • Can I wait to serve my sentence?

These are common questions whether it is a conviction after a state or federal case. Our attorneys are experienced in both Pennsylvania and Federal appeals. Call us today and get the information and representation you need to not lose your one opportunity for a successful appeal.

Should I hire an appellate attorney?

You should hire an appellate attorney as soon after your conviction as possible, and certainly before sentencing. This is important because your new attorney needs time to learn the case, obtain transcripts, and get to know you, the details of your case along with potential appellate issues before any post-sentence motions.

If you hire an appellate attorney later their ability to investigate is limited and they may fail to raise and preserve all your appellate claims. As we have said you only have one shot for a successful appeal and a failure to preserve those claims may mean you lose them forever.

Hire an appellate attorney early. The earlier they are involved, the better chances for a successful appeal.

Appeals Lawyer PA

Time is of the essence, but experience is critical

You can be sure that same fervor and dedication that you’ve come to expect from our criminal defense practice will be at your full disposal and that appeal will be vigorously arbitrated.

Our Lead Criminal Defense Attorney Richard Roberts has argued cases at the Pennsylvania Superior, Commonwealth, and Supreme Courts along with the Federal Third Circuit Court of Appeals.

A sample of his successful appeals include:

Attorney Roberts successfully represented Kwame Barnes where he argued Barnes’ sentence violated his constitutional rights.

Commonwealth v. Kwame Lamar Barnes


Attorney Roberts successfully represented R.W. where he argued her conduct did not rise to the level of child abuse, refuting the claims raised by Children and Youth.

R.W. v. Department of Human Services


Whether it is trial or an appeal we are here to fight for you and to give you the best possible defense at every stage of your case. If you need appellate representation fill out the contact form below or call us at (484) 558-0076.

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